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Legal Advice For Residential Purchase, Sale And Leases

Real estate transactions and disputes can become a source of great anxiety for those involved. In my practice, I facilitate smooth residential real estate transactions and protect the rights and interests of owners, co-tenants, buyers, and sellers.

In my real estate practice, I represent clients in matters involving:

  • Residential real estate transactions
  • Leases
  • Lease-purchase agreements
  • Co-tenant agreements
  • Premarital property agreements
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Easements

My extensive experience in teaching and practice of real estate law enables me to help my clients avoid many problems which can arise during a real estate transaction process. After it has been completed, I solve vexatious problems involving the ownership of real property.


I represent both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. For clients working with realtors, I review and revise agreements of sale, assist in negotiations over issues raised by the home inspection, and attend the closing if necessary. For clients in "for sale by owner" transactions, I explain the process, draft an agreement of sale, assist in subsequent negotiations, and guide the client through the process to the final settlement. In real estate transactions, timing can be critical. I respond quickly to the demands of the moment to facilitate real estate transactions, and make them as smooth and worry-free as possible for my clients.

Relations With Neighbors

Disputes can arise between neighbors over boundaries, rights of way ("easements"), overhanging vegetation, and offensive activities that interfere with use and enjoyment of property ("nuisances"). I advise clients about their legal rights and try to negotiate for solutions to resolve disputes without litigation. If negotiations fail, I am prepared to energetically pursue lawsuits to protect legal rights, to compensate for past violations, and to prevent future violations.

Agreements Among Co-Tenants

Persons who purchase property together as "co-tenants" frequently fail to anticipate the various matters over which conflicts can arise. I encourage clients to avoid disputes by creating co-tenancy agreements before purchasing property with a fiance(e), friend or business partner. The negotiation process often uncovers potential areas of conflict and enables clients to take measures to avoid disputes from occurring. When a dispute does arise, I first seek to resolve the dispute through negotiation. But if necessary, I do not hesitate to take legal action for my client to pursue available remedies such as obtaining an accounting for income and expenses, or compelling sale or physical partition of the property.

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