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Administering Probate And Estates

Administering an estate through probate in Pennsylvania can be challenging without assistance from a knowledgeable attorney. I can guide you through the process efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. I am dedicated to helping individuals and families resolve their legal matters in the areas of probate administration, estate planning and elder law.

Reasonable Hourly Fees: In my probate practice, I charge reasonable hourly rates, rather than taking a percentage of the estate value.

The Probate/Estate Administration Process

While the probate process can take over a year, I will help you efficiently distribute the assets as early in the process as possible, as long as the family members are in agreement on how the estate should be administered.

Keep open communications with your loved ones during this important time. Proper estate administration can result in lower legal fees and leaves more for the inheritors of the estate, and much of the stress and tension that follows a death in the family can be reduced when all parties stay up to date on the state of the probate process.

Hire a Delaware County probate lawyer at the very beginning of the process to ensure that you are taking the correct steps, in the proper order. To schedule a consultation, call 610-565-4191, or contact me online for a prompt response.

Navigate The Probate Process With Confidence

It can be stressful to think about the future, but having a solid plan in place can bring you peace of mind. When needed, I also make house calls and hospital visits to plan for your estate in emergency situations.

Some of my clients need time to grieve before tackling the work of sorting through the probate process; other clients prefer to start this process as quickly as possible, both for practical financial reasons and in order to grieve in the way they prefer. No matter what your timeline is, I can help you take care of practical matters while you work through the pain of losing a loved one.

Pennsylvania offers a 5 percent discount on the inheritance tax for beneficiaries who pay the tax within three months of receiving their inheritance. I work efficiently to make sure that you benefit from this discount whenever possible.

Contact An Experienced Media Probate Attorney

To learn more about the probate and estate administration services that are most useful for you, contact me online or call 610-565-4191 and schedule a consultation with an experienced Delaware County estate planning attorney in my Media, Pennsylvania, office.

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