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Planning For Old Age

In recent years, elder law has become a dynamic and fast-growing area of law. As a lawyer dedicated to elder law, estate planning and probate in Pennsylvania, I understand the myriad of concerns that come with growing older, including retirement benefits, health care provisions, nursing home financing, and the legal protection of the elderly when they become incapacitated. I provide comprehensive guidance in this still emerging legal field.

I, Jeff L. Lewin, Attorney at Law, am a member of the Delaware County Bar Association's Elder Law Committee, and I have been instrumental in the drafting and review of the estate planning chapter of the Delaware County Elder Law Handbook.

Making Medicaid Work For You

Medicaid is a crucial form of support for many aging Americans, but it can be difficult to access those benefits without first exhausting all other resources. In Pennsylvania, it has become more difficult than in the past to transfer your assets as gifts in order to become eligible for subsidized nursing home care and other benefits. Gifting programs are still possible but they now require more foresight, planning and the advice of an experienced attorney.

Annuities are another option that can be useful for Medicaid planning. Rather than spending money on nursing home care, you may be able to use annuities to convert your assets into income.

I can help craft the best strategy to efficiently use your resources so that you can access state assistance while still being able to provide for yourself and your family. Just as importantly, I can help you separate your finances from those of your spouse so that only one of you must spend down your resources in order to access Medicaid.

Choosing The Best Option For Your Home

Some seniors choose the security of assisted living before it is necessary, while others are compelled by necessity to relocate to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

For seniors still living in their own homes, it is possible to use a "reverse mortgage" to stay in your home longer than you can otherwise afford. This strategy involves taking out a home equity line of credit. I can help you weigh your options and decide if this strategy might be right for you.

Financial Concerns, Personal Considerations

Looking beyond asset protection and other financial considerations, I consider the personal consequences of the transition for clients and their families. While I can advise you on the legal implications of your decisions, ultimately the choices are yours to make.

For an incapacitated person who can no longer make decisions about his or her personal and medical care, and who does not have an adequate power of attorney, I can I can assist in the appointment of a guardian for the protection of the person and their assets.

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